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Landscape Painting Essentials

Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis eBook

Format: eBook

SKU# T1873

You will love this landscape book if:
  • You enjoy the teachings of Johannes Vloothuis
  • You want to learn expert tips and advice for painting beautiful landscapes
  • You are looking for successful painting techniques for acrylic, oil, pastel, and watercolor

Experience the fun and rewarding process of capturing nature’s splendor with this landscape painting book. Popular art instructor Johannes Vloothuis teaches you the ins and outs of painting landscapes in acrylic, pastel, watercolor and oil. Learn how to make the shift of painting what you see to painting as an artist sees it. Discover how to strategically edit, rearrange, and enhance color to turn nature’s beauty into inspired, original, and stunning landscapes. With just a few brushstrokes you will learn to capture the grandness and majesty of the landscape in Landscape Painting Essentials.

In Landscape Painting Essentials you will learn:

  • Easy-to-follow strategies to make your paintings more interesting and dramatic
  • Discover specific techniques for painting mountains, water, foliage, snow and more
  • Seven step-by-step demonstrations walking you through techniques to create successful landscape paintings

   (Hard copy or E-book


Paint Stunning Landscapes From Photos

Paint Stunning Landscapes from Photos with Johannes Vloothuis

Format: Collection

Entire Collection Bundled together for a great price!

This 24 lesson series offers you the complete insight on what there is to be known about landscape painting. We all rely on photos one way or another.

The idea is to make these photos work as references only so the artist is not constricted by resorting to copying them. After you understand these principles you will
have many compositional resources that will guarantee a more solid piece of artwork. This information is vital for landscape artists. It is known that there are about
150 golden nuggets that are necessary to obtain successful landscape paintings. These will be revealed during this series. If you are serious about your art you cannot miss out on this knowledge!

You will:

  • learn how to create lead-ins and eye movement.
  • think in reduced values for simplification.
  • design the entire painting to maximize the most beauty possible.
  • learn the importance of creating pleasing lines.
  • acquire techniques on making things look 3D
  • understand color harmony.

Download the entire 24 lessons of, “Paint Stunning Landscapes from Photos” (about 50 hours of top quality instruction) in a bulk discounted price. Join the 1000’s of artists who have already benefited from this course. These lessons include many demos in watercolor, oils and pastels

.Price: $119.98   Digital Download

Essentials Of Painting Mountains

Essentials of Painting Mountains. Complete course.
Join Master landscape painter Johannes Vloothuis, in another of our popular online courses. This time he will be sharing what he knows about painting realistic and breathtaking mountains. Being one of his favorite painting themes, Johannes has done at least 1000 paintings with mountains and knows the subject very well and is eager to pass onto you the techniques so you can succeed in creating beautiful mountain scenes of your own. He will tell you how to create the majestic feeling of those snow.capped beauties. Watch and listen as he coveys professional secrets!

Aprox. Instruction time:  8 hours 45 min
Price: $29.99  – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Buildings1

Essentials of Painting Buildings. Complete course.
Join Master landscape painter Johannes Vloothuis as he shares his expertise at painting buildings such as barns, stone bridges, brick homes, etc. His very simple approach to perspective will take away the complexity of this subject. You’ll learn how to create beautiful portraits of houses, town street scenes and more. Depicting buildings that tell a story will make people want to “move into” your paintings. Paintings with buildings tend to sell the most. The four lessons in this course will give you that insight.

Aprox. Instruction time:  8 hours 30 min
Price: $29.99  – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Trees

Essentials of Painting Trees. Complete course.
Every landscape painting has trees, so knowing how to depict them with artistic perspective will greatly enhance your paintings. In this 6 lesson, online course with Master painter Johannes Vloothuis, you will learn to symbolize trees with interesting forms and pleasing shapes, the way they should look in landscape paintings. Join Johannes to learn all of the top pro secrets. Everything from techniques on how to depict pine trees, autumn trees, and bare winter trees, to solving the difficulty of monochromatic green trees. Follow along as Vloothuis instructs with mediums such as watercolor, oils, pastels and acrylics.

Aprox. Instruction time:  14 hours 30 min
Price: $39.99  – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Water

Essentials of Painting Water. Complete course.
Join Johannes Vloothuis, our resident artist, in another exciting and popular live online session. Many artists want to know how to paint water convincingly. This 3 week course will give you the answers and make it look like the water in your paintings moves. Johannes will delve into this extensive and seemingly complicated topic and make it easy for you to be able to paint water in all its forms, such as, water reflections in still and moving water, lakes, rivers and streams, even rocks or logs under water, to the point that it feels like you can dip your foot in it or take a swim. (Seascapes and waterfalls to be given in a future course. 

Aprox. Instruction time:  7 hours 30 min
 Price: $29.99  – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Skies

Essentials of Painting Skies. Complete course.
Skies can make or break your painting. Join Johannes Vloothius as he shares secrets to painting luminous skies. Skyscapes in themselves make beautiful paintings and are easy to do. You can create wonderful moods that make paintings sell. Also learn how to integrate skies in all landscapes. This course contains 3 lessons for download. 

Aprox. Instruction time:  7 hours
Price: $29.99  – Digital Download or DVD


Essentials Of Painting Waterfalls

 Essentials of Painting Waterfalls. Complete course.
Learn to paint convincing waterfalls with Johannes Vloothuis! Johannes will share his secrets on how to effectively paint waterfalls and make it seem like the water is actually moving. This course contains 3 lessons for download.

Aprox. Instruction time:  7 hours 15 min 
Price: $29.99 – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Rocks

Essentials of Painting Rocks. Complete course
Many artists complain they have problems painting rocks. You will understand the principles of light to depict the planes of rocks and how to make attractive shapes. What you will learn will also improve your still lifes or portraits. This workshop will include demos in oils, watercolor and pastels.

Aprox. Instruction time:  6 hours 15 min
Price: $29.99 – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Grass and Snow

Essentials of Painting Grass and Snow. Complete course
Want to learn to paint grass where you feel you want to have a picnic on it? How about snow so convincing you feel like skiing? Learn the techniques to make would normally would be these flat uninteresting surfaces into something more meaningful. This workshop includes demos in oils, watercolor and pastels. Downloads. MP4.
$29.99 – Digital Download or DVD
Aprox. Instruction time:  6 hours 20 min


Landscape Photo Reference Pack

Johannes Vloothuis’ Landscape Photo Reference Pack
Over the years and during all his travels Johannes has been accumulating his own personal library of reference landscape photos. From all these photos he has handpicked the best from some of his favorite painting spots. These will make good reference photos for painting landscapes. The difference with these photos compared to others is that they were carefully selected and taken by an expert landscape artist so they are very supportive in composition. Whereas as other photos by professional photographers are not taken with the intent of painting from them. That’s why these photos are so special and are now available to you. By purchasing these reference photos, Johannes grants you the right to use these photos and waves the copyrights for you to use for paintings.

700 reference photos
Price: $19.99  Digital Download

Essentials Of Painting Seascapes

Essentials of Painting Seascapes. Complete Course
Seascapes is one of the easiest subjects to paint because once you learn the anatomy of waves which is quite simple, then you can paint as many variances of them as you want. Learn how to convey the illusion of moving crashing sea water. The graceful rolling line above the waves and the spray of toppling water will make this subject so attractive to the viewers. Learn to capture the majestic moment when the eye of the wave appears.

Johannes Vloothuis will give you all the insight so you can create one of the most beautiful painting themes known in the art world.

Aprox. Instruction time:  7 hours

Your price: $29.99 – Digital Download or DVD

Essentials Of Painting Bundled Series

The Essentials of Painting bundled series from Johannes Vloothuis .

By Johannes Vloothuis

Format: Entire Collection Bundled together for a great price!

Details: Learn how to paint water, trees, skies, waterfalls and more from legendary artist Johannes Vloothuis! Dive into this master series and explore all the facets of painting landscapes. You will take your painting skills to exciting new heights with the foundational instruction found here! Gain instant access to 8 top.rated lessons and start improving your skills and expanding your painting repertoire today. Be prepared for any landscape element you will encounter with each download in this must.have series.

Save 20% when you bundle these must.have digital resources together.

Download instantly and receive:
. Essentials of Painting Mountains
. Essentials of Painting Trees
. Essentials of Painting Water
. Essentials of Painting Buildings
. Essentials of Painting Rocks
. Essentials of Painting Grass & Snow
. Essentials of Painting Skies
. Essentials of Painting Waterfalls

Download this essential series now. Learn more about the resources you’ll receive along with 20% savings:

Normal Retail: $249.92
You save: $49.99 (20%) price: $199.93  – Digital Download or DVD

Oil Landscape Painting Essentials

Oil Landscape Painting Essentials For Beginners
By Johannes Vloothuis

You’ll love this if::
.You want to improve your oil landscape paintings
.You need to learn how to mix colors or learn more about color theory
.You want to paint beautiful oil landscapes and seascapes

In this video, beginning oil painting students will learn how to mix oil paints and apply various brush strokes and other techniques to create beautiful landscape paintings.

In this lesson with Johannes, you’ll learn easy methods for color mixing from a limited palette of primary colors to create a range of hues, values, and tones. You’ll also learn basic brush strokes and other techniques for creating lines and shapes of various sizes, plus techniques for creating the textures and effects that make landscape paintings come to life! After you learn the basic techniques, follow along with Johannes in demonstrations of trees, seascapes, and mountain scenes that give great landscape painting practice. You’ll paint rock reflections in water, waves and sea foam, trees, and more!

Join Johannes for this all-inclusive introduction to oil landscape painting today!

Price: $21.24 – Format: DVD


Watercolor Landscape Painting Essentials

Watercolor Landscape Painting Essentials For Beginners
By Johannes Vloothuis

You’ll love this if::
.You want to improve your watercolor paintings
.You need to learn how to mix colors or learn more about color theory
.You want to paint beautiful watercolor landscapes and seascapes

In this video workshop from Johannes Vloothuis, you’ll learn how to mix watercolors and apply various brush strokes and other techniques to create beautiful landscape paintings right in the comfort of your own home or studio!

New to watercolor painting?

This video gives you everything you need to get started. You’ll learn the advantages of painting in watercolor, along with simple and easy color mixing that ensures you get the right hue every time! Learn simple ways to determine value and tone, plus get instruction from Johannes on painting techniques and brushstrokes for creating a variety of effects in watercolor. Follow along with Johannes and put your new painting skills to practice with four different watercolor painting demonstrations: trees, buildings in a landscape, seascapes, and flowers. You’ll also learn how to correct watercolor painting mistakes without ruining your painting or having to start over.

Join Johannes for this all-inclusive introduction to watercolor painting today!

Price: $21.24 – Format: DVD


Acrylic Landscape Painting Essentials

Acrylic Landscape Painting Essentials For Beginners
By Johannes Vloothuis

You’ll love this if::
.You want to improve your acrylic landscape paintings
.You need to learn how to mix colors or learn more about color theory
.You want to paint beautiful acrylic landscapes and seascapes

In this video, beginning students will learn how to mix acrylic paints and apply various brush strokes and other techniques to create beautiful landscape paintings. You’ll learn the advantages of painting with acrylics plus discover techniques that give you plenty of options with basic tools and paints. Then, you’ll join Johannes and learn how to apply techniques in five different landscape demonstrations ranging from stone walls and flowers to snow-covered evergreens and rain over a distant mountain.

Paint Applications You’ll Learn:
.Dry-brush technique holding brush parallel to paper for bushes, sea foam and flowers
.Twist and turn: Using all the sides of a brush to create variance in a line
.Drag and pull to create tree bark and fence posts without duplicating shapes and forms
.How to create soft edges.
.Create a color variegation
.How to create thin lines using a small brush or a palette knife
.Splayed brushes to create grass strands and rusted tin roofs
.Creating texture on rocks and tree trunks
.How to make splatters for snow, sand and stars in the sky
.Scumbling on a painting

Join Johannes for this all-inclusive introduction to acrylic landscape painting today!

Price: $21.24 – Format: DVD

Pastel Landscape Painting Essentials

Pastel Landscape Painting Essentials For Beginners

You’ll enjoy this pastel art video if:

  • You enjoy the instruction of Johannes Vloothuis
  • You don’t know where to begin in your pastel landscape painting
  • You are looking for tips for painting landscape elements like trees, rocks, waterfalls and more

Join expert and beloved instructor Johannes Vloothuis for an in-depth pastel painting workshop! Beginners of all skill levels will delight in this pastel landscape instruction while learning essential elements for creating great works of art.
In this video, you’ll learn to master techniques from painting trees and foliage, to waves and waterfalls, to sunsets and mountain scenes. Discover how to blend and layer over underpaintings with stick pastels and PanPastels. Learn successful color mixing techniques and liven up your winter scenes with warm hues. With Johannes’ help, you will be creating beautiful impressionistic landscape art.

Inside Pastel Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis you’ll find:

  • Overview of materials for painting vibrant pastel landscapes
  • 86 minutes of expert pastel instruction
  • Techniques for painting rocks, stone walls, flowers, cloudy skies, and snowy trees

Price: $22.94  – Format: DVD

Elements Of Form Download

Elements of Form Download by Kenneth Vloothuis
oin Ken for a rigorous study on the elements of form, of what makes something appear the way it does through the intense study of the components in light and shadow. Ken refers largely to John Singer’s Sargent method of simplifying the complexity of what you see into practical paintable terms. In this webinar series he analyzes each of the following elements and absolutely everything implied therein:

1) Highlight or light accent
2) Light
3) Local tone
4) Halftone
5) Shadow (core and cast)
6) Reflected light
7) Dark accent

Ken also cuts through all the confusion and cliches involved in the very controversial field of study of color temperature, and its subtle transitions as well as discussing alternative theories through the usage of painting demos. This highly recommended course is a preliminary for future courses in landscape, still life, and most particularly in the challenging study of portraiture; for the artist, to have a practical theory or approach to painting form, is as necessary as the scientific method is to the scientist.

Your price: $29.99 Digital Download

Secrets Of The Masters

Secrets Of The Masters.

Join Ken Vloothuis on a journey through an intensive study and analysis of the techniques and artistic philosophies of the “Old Masters” as he specifically points out the main contributions they have made to the Art World. The purpose of this course is to bring to light the Masters’ techniques to form what is considered today to be great representational painting while explaining the origin and evolution of these ideas through the lives of the its main contributors. Emphasis is placed on the Impressionists, Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla and many more.
 Aprox. Instruction time:  6 hours 10 min
 Price: $29.99 Digital Download

Landscape Problem Solving Foliage

Landscape Problem Solving (Foliage)

After considerable pondering on how artists can improve, Johannes has designed a course to help artists transfer the theoretical head knowledge to the actual production on your painting surface. The intent is to help artists reinterpret the various landscape elements into the language of attractive and pictorial symbols which would be simplified shapes. It would be like learning a new language whose structure needs to be practiced not just intellectualized. Common problematic areas from photos will be singled out. The attendees of this workshop can follow along with Johannes while painting swatches and vignettes. This recording from a 4 week intensive workshop allows for hands on practice with almost no lecturing that will focus solely on reinforcing your foliage symbols. Get ready to work! Demos in oils, watercolor and pastel.

Your price: $29.99 Digital Download

The Essentials Of Painting Flowers Download

The Essentials of Painting Flowers Downloads

Format: Download

SKU# T5398

Join Johannes Vloothuis for a course that crosses all t’s and dots all i’s on how to paint flowers in bouquet format, still life, in house portraits, and wild flowers. Johannes is well known for teaching the techniques on “How the eye anatomically sees” as well as out of the ordinary painting secrets. Learn how to create exciting backgrounds, correct edge manipulation, impressionist areas, and more. All these will benefit your floral paintings so you don’t just copy photos. Demos in oils, watercolor and pastels are given.

Aprox. Instruction time:  7 hours 20 minutes

Your price: $29.99 Digital Download
Essentials Of Painting Impressionist Cityscapes

The Essentials of Painting Impressionist Cityscapes

Format: Download

This exciting online course is not easily found in the art world but Johannes Vloothuis once again has put together some amazing techniques to create impressionist cityscapes. He shows how to dramatically simplify what would normally be too complex to paint when it comes to street scenes.
This course will benefit you in all painting themes because he hits home on how to stimulate the viewer’s mind and not only please the eye. Once you understand these principles you will loosen up so you can set up your own paintings to appeal to the viewer’s imagination which is what impressionism, no matter what the subject, is all about. Video demos are given in oils. watercolor and pastels. Listen while Johannes answers questions from his hundreds of online students during the demos.
You will learn how to:
  • Create depth
  • Make it appear that people and vehicles are moving
  • Create foggy and late evening moods in a city
  • Manipulate edges to create dreamy effects
  • Simplify details in buildings
  • Make streets look wet with light reflections
Aprox. Instruction time: Almost 9 hours
Your price: $29.99
Digital Download
Essentials of Painting Plein Air

Essentials of Painting Plein Air

Format: Web Seminar Download

A dedicated landscape painting artist will do some painting outdoors. Should we copy what we see? How much should we edit? If you have tried painting plein air and found it overwhelming or haven’t tired it yet, you may need some valuable tools to guide you along the way. These downloads will give you the necessary tools to succeed at interpreting outdoor landscape scenes to turn them into successful paintings. Johannes plays recordings of him working directly from nature in oils, watercolor and pastels while you hear him think out loud during live presentations as he narrates his techniques of overcoming the typical pitfalls of plein air.

Your price: $29.99 Digital Download


Landscape Symbol Workshop


Landscape Symbol Workshop

Format: Web Seminar Download

This unique online workshop is designed to strengthen common problems artists have with the language of the landscape. The success of landscape painting is precisely in the design of its symbols, which need to substitute and represent the real outdoor objects. Once you can develop these landscape symbols, you can repeat them over and over in new paintings, just like when we write we use letters to form words, thus simplifying the paint process. The transition from nature to the painting is where the training is necessary.

After seeing the work of hundreds of artists from all levels, master painter and art instructor, Johannes Vloothuis, has compiled and identified most of the universal problematic areas of painting. In this workshop, he will share his step-by-step procedures, as well as identify the common painting pitfalls. Johannes has compiled approximately 200 pointers from himself and other top artists and lays them all out for you for easy understanding. Your paintings will only be as good as these pointers you apply. Demonstrations are given in oils, watercolor and pastel.

You’ll find art instruction on the following landscape elements:

  • Trees with foliage
  • Bare trees
  • Evergreens
  • Rocks
  • Waterfalls
  • Seascape waves
  • Grass and snow
  • Mountains
  • Backgrounds
  • Ice
  • Buildings
  • Skies
  • Flowers
  • Backgrounds

Your price: $29.99 Digital Download


Essentials Of Drawing Landscapes


Essentials of Drawing Landscapes

Format: Web Seminar Download

There are so many learning resources on painting landscapes, but very little on drawing them. Every artist who takes this craft seriously will eventually have to face thinking in values as the backbone to all successful paintings. A gray scale drawing that is well executed can rival its own color version. With this course, you will improve your landscapes once you remove the burden of color mixing, and only concentrate on the gray values. This will be simple because you will be provided with printable templates that already contain the linear drawings. Join Johannes Vloothuis and 100’s of fellow artists for a one of a kind video download of this live online workshop.

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Think and work with a reduced value scale
  • Define planes with pencil directional strokes
  • Convey rhythm
  • To build a preemptive design to base your final painting on

Materials list:

  • Kneaded eraser
  • The finest sandpaper
  • Ordinary white bond paper
  • Staedtler Lumograph 12 pencil set
  • Staedtler pencil sharpener

Your price: $19.99 Digital Download



Essentials of Painting Birds Full Course Video Download

By Johannes Vloothuis

Format: Digital Download

Birds are one of the easiest subjects for a painting, and with help during this video download workshop with popular artist Johannes Vloothuis, you’ll learn how to create beautiful paintings of realistic birds in impressionist natural settings that don’t get bogged down in unnecessary details. Watch your paintings improve as Johannes gives you simple and easy-to-apply principles–you’ll find yourself painting birds in no time!

In this video workshop you will learn how to paint birds in intimate winter and spring landscape settings as you follow along with three start-to-finish painting demonstrations–one in watercolor, one in pastel, and one in oil. Plus enjoy an instructional lecture from Johannes! Learn how to:

  • Position birds to look three-dimensional
  • Design impressionist backgrounds with soft underpainting
  • Create a convincing sense of depth
  • Use texture techniques for interest and details
  • Paint from photos

Price: $29.99  – Digital Download