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Over the years and during all his travels Johannes has been accumulating his own personal library of reference landscape photos.  From all these photos he has handpicked the best from some of his favorite painting spots. These will make good reference photos for painting landscapes for your paintings as well.The difference with these photos compared to others is that they were carefully selected and taken by an expert landscape artist so they are very supportive in composition. Whereas other photos by professional photographers are not taken with the intent of painting from them. That’s why these photos are so special and are now available to you at this link:

Price $19.99
800 Reference photos
(Estimated download time on high speed 25 minutes)

By purchasing these reference photos, Johannes grants you the right to use these photos and waves the copyrights for you to use for paintings. (These photos cannot be sold to a third party nor can they be used to make direct copies of except one print to use for your painting reference. The purchaser understands that he only has permission and is limited to use these photos to do works of handmade art.  Johannes Vloothuis is the sole owner of these images.)