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Paint Along 38: LIVE Workshop | Create Clutter-Free Landscape Paintings

It is very tempting for artists to want to say too much in one painting. When you look at the landscape, or at photo references that will be used to do your next paintings, do you find yourself guessing what to leave in or take out?

It’s time to eliminate the guesswork and create delightful, clutter-free paintings! In this workshop, you will receive top instruction that will show you how to crop your reference photos, edit out unnecessary visual clutter, and more as you paint along with Johannes Vloothuis! Join hundreds of friendly artists during 12 hours of painting fun distributed over three Saturdays. Johannes will start his paintings from scratch, and finish them in real time while you watch over his shoulder. You’ll learn detailed painting tips as you hear him think out loud. And if you want, you can do the same painting along with him from the comfort of your home!

You will receive drawing templates before each class, which you can trace onto your painting surface. And, during each session you will receive verbal techniques, color combinations, professional secrets, and instructions to guide you along the way. One painting demo will be in oils, another in watercolor, and another in pastels. Join us now to create clutter-free, beautiful landscape paintings.

Painting demonstrations will include the following subjects:

  • An abandoned barn in a near-sunset scenario with sunlight hitting distant mountains
  • A rocky, Pacific Coast shoreline
  • A lazy stream, as it’s thawing out and running through a forest

You do not have to attend the live sessions. Everything gets recorded and can be downloaded at no extra cost!

Dates: 3 Saturdays: September 9, 16, and 23
Time: 1:00 to 5:00 PM EST (The class may extend more than 4 hours)
You do not have to attend the sessions live. Everything gets recorded.
Where: Online from the comfort of your home.

 “I’m going to teach you exactly how I learned. Copying photos simply does not work,” –Johannes

Lose the frustration and join Johannes and hundreds of fellow artists by registering today!

 $19.99   Please Note: In order to take part in the live online workshop sessions and receive recordings and resources, please use the link and password sent to you in your purchase confirmation email from Your payment is secure with Northlight, the world’s largest publishing company of art related books and magazines.