About Us



Improvemypaintings.com was founded in 2011. We were the first live fine art teaching institution in the world. F&WMedia which is the world’s leading publishing company of art books such as, Northlight , The Artist’s Magazine as well as the Southwest Art magazine has endorsed us to provide online fine art instruction to 15,000 members in their art community.

No other art instructor in the world has had as many students as we have had. Even professional artists and instructors have expressed their satisfaction with how much they have learned. Our live classes are clear and many professional tips are given with no withholding of information. There is no question you will increase your level of proficiency and will apply practical techniques that will make your painting improve immediately. There is no doubt in our mind that you will become a better artist with our help.

We will provide you with the necessary knowledge so you can remove the second guessing we all have gone through when we are creating art works.

With the advancements of technology we are now able to broadcast to you live high quality streaming painting demos from our studios while you watch in the comfort of your home. It is as good as looking over the artist’s shoulder. 


Click on the play button above to see a 30 second segment of this painting done on the live webcam. Our students love watching the webcam and getting answers to their questions right on the spot as they arise.

Also we have digital painting tools where our instructors can point out key aspects as well as make improvements on the photos of your paintings so you can see for yourself how their recommendations apply in real time, like magic. This is how we do our critiques.

Instead of telling you verbally what will make your painting more beautiful, we show you how it is done. All you have to do is turn on your computer and click on a link.

Our Mission

It has been our dream and now our quest to reach you wherever you may be on the globe

for one sole purpose:

So that you will become a better and more accomplished artist.

This Is Our Mission