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Landscape Painting Essentials

Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis eBook

Format: eBook and Paperback

SKU# T1873

You will love this landscape book if:

  • You enjoy the teachings of Johannes Vloothuis
  • You want to learn expert tips and advice for painting beautiful landscapes
  • You are looking for successful painting techniques for acrylic, oil, pastel, and watercolor

Experience the fun and rewarding process of capturing nature’s splendor with this landscape painting book. Popular art instructor Johannes Vloothuis teaches you the ins and outs of painting landscapes in acrylic, pastel, watercolor and oil. Learn how to make the shift of painting what you see to painting as an artist sees it. Discover how to strategically edit, rearrange, and enhance color to turn nature’s beauty into inspired, original, and stunning landscapes. With just a few brushstrokes you will learn to capture the grandness and majesty of the landscape in Landscape Painting Essentials.

In Landscape Painting Essentials you will learn:

  • Easy-to-follow strategies to make your paintings more interesting and dramatic
  • Discover specific techniques for painting mountains, water, foliage, snow and more
  • Seven step-by-step demonstrations walking you through techniques to create successful landscape paintings