Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I miss any or all live classes?
We don’t expect you show up in every class. Some students live in Australia where the time is not adequate for them. People have commitments etc. If you miss a class(es), no problem, you can watch the streaming recorded class and/or download at no extra cost.

Q: I have very little painting experience or none. Will I benefit from these classes?
You bet! You will get the training before you develop bad habits which will be harder to remove without solid principles.


Q: I am very advanced. Will I benefit from these classes?
If you are humble we are sure there are some uncrossed T’s and un-dotted I’s you may be missing. Take a look at Johannes’ artwork and assess if you can learn from him. There are 200 pointers that the top 20 artists know. Your artwork will be as good as how many of these you can implement in a landscape painting.


Q: Will this work on a mac system as well?
Yes, the live workshops and recordings will play on both windows and mac.

Q: Do I need to install any software? 
No, all you need to do is create a FREE livestream account. If you can watch and hear videos on YouTube, you are good to go.


Q: Do I need a microphone? 
No, Johannes has hundreds of students on at the same time. It would be impossible to control all the background noise. Students are on listen mode only yet resort to texting with each other and their instructor.


Q: What if I don’t like the course Can I ask for a refund? 
Johannes does not handle the payments. This would have to be taken up with the folks at http://northlightshop.com. Yet we have never refunded a payment due to discontent since Johannes started the online workshops in 2011. Believe it or not student satisfaction is 100% with no complaints ever! Johannes is regarded by his students to give the best art instruction in the world they have ever experienced. Read the reviews HERE. We know you will experience this for yourself.


Q: If these classes are so good why is the fee so low?

Very simple answer. Hundreds and hundreds of students.


Q: What credentials does Johannes have?

Johannes has compiled the information of the 20 top landscape artists in the USA from some of them personally. He himself won the top award in the country of Mexico in watercolor. The most important resume is that he is an official instructor for the world’s largest and well known publisher of art books and magazines sold in important bookstores.

Several magazines have actually endorsed his instruction. Johannes has a book published available on amazon or Barnes and Noble, “Landscape Painting Essentials”. Johannes has done hundreds of plein air paintings in his multiple travels around rural towns in Mexico, national parks in the USA and Canada.


Q: Is there a way to verify this?

Yes, ask to join our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Johannes.Vloothuis.Landscape.Alumni/ and ask his students what they think about the classes.


Q: What equipment do I need to buy? 
Nothing if you can hear sound come from your computer such as music. Some students watch the class on their Smart TV or hook up an HDMI cable to their high definition TV.

Q: Can I ask questions during the class?
Johannes or his assistants will try to answer all questions during his live presentations. Johannes encourages those questions to be typed all in capital letters for easy identification that gets mixed in with the general social typing.


Q: Can I ask Johannes questions that do not pertain to the specific theme he is painting?

Absolutely, Johannes prides himself to be a walking encyclopedia and will answer all questions pertaining to landscapes, wildlife art, portraits, figure painting, still lifes, architecture scenes, and the list goes on and on.


Q: What about assignments and homework?
Johannes provides reference images and templates that you can print and transfer onto your painting surface. The purpose is to repeat the same painting either live or after class if you wish to do so. These classes are interactive and your work will be supervised. He will handpick the assignments to critique in class he feels benefits the most attendees. He looks for universal weaknesses that all artists to and work on how to how them


Q: What internet speed do I need?
Just your normal cable home connection. If you get lag ask the others in your house not to watch videos but to resort to only text and email applications


Q: What time zone are the classes in?
All advertised times is Eastern Time. You can find out your time zone by googling “time zone converter”.

Q: What mediums will this include?
All mediums are welcome. Johannes will make reference to pastel, oils, and watercolor applications. He does not normally paint in acrylics due to the similarity of application as oils. However if requested he will give medium application techniques.

Q: My video stalls often?
Read the troubleshooting information below for a solution to this problem. We hope your art classes will be trouble free and enjoyable. We also expect you to learn many tips that will improve your paintings. Students rarely report video problems but in case you experience any difficulties, follow the instructions below.

Troubleshooting Live Video

The first thing you need to confirm when something is not working is to see if other viewers are having problems. If the majority of attendees are confirming all is well and are getting a solid video this means that we are broadcasting efficiently so the problem would be at your end. There is nothing we can do to help you except provide these solutions listed below:

  1. a) Most of the time when you lose audio and video just by reloading or refreshing your browser solves the issue. Also try other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome– Install the latest versions.
    b) Reboot your entire system just before you log into class and close all other applications except your class software.
  2. c) Make sure no one else in your house is using the internet to watch videos. This will split the internet speed.
  3. d) Make sure your wireless is password protected so your neighbors cannot use it.
  4. e) Check if your wireless is giving you full potential. The further away the modem is from your WIFI device and the more walls in between will degrade the signal. If you have a laptop move it around in the house as close as you can to your modem, preferably in the same room. Try your video again with an ethernet cable connected between your PC and the modem. This will eliminate all wireless slowdowns. Go to http://speedtest.netand run the test and check with your internet service provider if that speed is to the standard. Download speed is usually several MB’s in most high speed connections. 1.5 MB or greater is recommended for a fluent video.


Q: I want to know Johannes’ palette.

Click HERE For Johannes’ Palette