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          Feb 4, 11, & 18 from 1 to 5 PM Eastern Time


This confirms your access to the class and registration! Thank you. Please bookmark this page because all reference images and links will be posted here. Your instructor’s name is Johannes Vloothuis.

Please read carefully below.

We will NOT use Go to Meeting for any of the classes. We will use Livestream for all three classes. You registered in Go to Meeting so we could capture your email in order to send you notifications about the course. You can access your classes by clicking on the TV set below. If you have not created a free Livestream account please do so. The instructions are all the way at the bottom of this page. bypass all payment options.
This course is a paint along which means you can follow Johannes with your own exercises while he paints live. Occasionally, Johannes extends his class longer than the 4 hours advertised. You may want to make provisions for this. To avoid video lag we recommend that only you use the internet during the class in your home unless the other users only check Facebook and emails, in other words, text based websites with no videos. If you are using WIFI narrow the distance between your modem and your wireless device. Here is a link where you can see what palette Johannes will use:  You can use your own palette if you wish. If you cannot attend the live classes you can watch the replay at the same link.

Did you know you can watch my class on your high definition TV? You can connect an ethernet cable from your laptop. If you have a smart TV you can watch Livestream directly.

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Use this link to download the recording to your hard drive.

Password: diamond
The downloadable recordings can take
up to 5 days
after class to be posted.


Download instructions:   
Windows: RIGHT CLICK on each part and select “Save Target as”  or “Save Link as” (Firefox or Chrome). Windows 10 browser will not work. Mac: Click while holding the CTRL key then select “Save as”

Do not use Windows 10 Edge Browser

I understand there is a way to download using IPAD’s that you can do it through ITunes or upload to Dropbox. You can google this. Be careful with your data. The files are very large.
If these videos don’t play download the free Videolan player.
nternet Explorer sometimes holds onto old passwords stubbornly. If you cannot access the files install Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome browsers.   



Click on the icons below to download a PDF file of Class Reference Images and Download Recordings. 

Class 1 – Feb 4




Finished Painting Class 1 – Paint Along


Class 2 – Feb 11




Finished Painting Class 2 – Paint Along


Class 3 – Feb 18






Finished Painting Class 2 – Paint Along


New Students: Instructions on how to create a free account at Livestream. Go to:
1. If you already have an account ignore these instructions
2. Click on Login In (Top Right).
3. Click on Join Livestream (Blue text).
3. Type in your email.
4. Click on “Create Account”
5. Check your email, including the spam or junk folder and click on “Activate My Account”
6. Type in your name or nick name and a password.
7. Click on Activate Account.
8. You’re done. Ignore all other options. Livestream is free